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Glass Cleaning Edition: Minute Cleaning Hacks

Sitting in a comfy chair on a lazy Sunday afternoon, with your drink of choice and maybe that book you’ve been meaning to read. You look over to the window where the sunlight beams bright only to realize that the sun is not a bright as it could be because the windows are covered with dirt and grime. So much for your relaxation time. In today’s Glass Cleaning Edition: Minute Cleaning Hacks we will be sharing our favorite methods for achieving streak-free windows and mirrors throughout your home.

Glass Cleaning Tips

Spray the cleaner, wipe it off, stand back to admire your work, streaks and repeat. Does this sound familiar? We often spend so much time spraying and wiping only to have the glass look dirtier than when we first started. Using the right tools can simplify the process and get that glass crystal clear, so you can get back to that relaxation time you deserve.

Grab Your Vacuum

I know you’re thinking, “What? We’re talking about windows and you’re telling me to get the vacuum!” The first step to getting the cleanest glass possible is to start by getting rid of any dirt that has accumulated in the frames, tracks and sills. You will also want to dust the blinds or shades and give any curtains a good wash. A vacuum with attachments can be used to tackle this part. If your vacuum doesn’t have attachments try cotton swabs, a duster, an old toothbrush or a microfiber cloth will also do the trick.

Cloudy Day? Let’s Do The Windows!

Most of the streaks that we get when cleaning the windows and mirrors happen when the cleaner starts to dry. So, on that hot day with the sun shining bright, your window cleaning solution can dry prematurely leaving residue and streaks. If you wait for a cloudy day the cleaning solution will remain until you wipe it away, and you will end up with a brilliant streak-free shine.

Check The Label

Glass cleaning products with an ammonia or alcohol sound like exactly the tough product required to get the best result. However, ammonia & alcohol-based products tend to leave a lot of streaks and produce a film on the glass surface that can attract dust. Vinegar based solutions are our personal favorites, mix one-part distilled vinegar to 10 parts warm water in a spray bottle.

Go Distilled

If your DIY glass cleaning solution isn’t doing the job, it may be your water. Hard water, in particular has a higher concentration of dissolved minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which will result in streaks. Instead of using water from the tap, consider using distilled water. It doesn’t have all the minerals in it that can be present in tap water, so it won’t leave behind any streaky deposits on your windows & mirrors.

Start At The Top

The key to getting that streak free look for your windows or mirrors, clean from the top to the bottom. Because the cleaning solution can drip, use gravity to your advantage and let the cleaner drip into areas you haven’t washed yet. Begin at the top and work your way down to make sure that no drips will happen on the glass surfaces that are already perfectly cleaned.

Leave The Newspapers For Packing

Paper towels and newspapers are commonly suggested as products for cleaning and drying the glass, but they break down and leave lint behind. Use a microfiber cloth instead; it will grab dirt and dust and give you the streak free look you are going for.

Squeegee! That’s A Fun Word

Sometimes the first wipe of the cloth doesn’t remove all the cleaning solution (even with microfiber) and going over the same areas of glass multiple times can introduce streaks. Using a squeegee will make quick work out of each section of the window. A long-handled squeegee is a must if you will be doing tall windows, and it will also come in handy for cleaning shower walls and doors as well.

Switch Direction

Avoid streaks by mixing up the motion you’re cleaning the window or mirror. Start with small circular motions and then finish off with a few horizontal and vertical wipes.

Excuse me while I go, grab a fruity drink and do a little people watching from my streak free windows. Hope you enjoyed Glass Cleaning Edition: Minute Cleaning Hacks. If you are still unsure why not let us help. Maid in a Minute Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service has packages that work with your needs and budget. If you need a few more MINUTES in your day, let us take care of the cleaning for you! Visit our ONLINE BOOKING page to schedule your appointment now! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram & like us on Facebook!

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