Lemon Cleaning Edition: Minute Cleaning Hacks

“There’s no lemon so sour that you can’t make something resembling lemonade.”, Dr. K said those beautiful words to Jack on one of my favorite shows This is Us. In today’s Lemon Cleaning Edition: Minute Cleaning Hacks we will be sharing our go to Lemon Cleaning tips so that you can incorporate lemon into your cleaning routine.

Lemon Cleaning Tips

In our last post we spoke about the budget & environmentally friendly properties of vinegar. While we are on an eco-friendly kick, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to sing the praises of lemons for your cleaning needs. Lemons can clean a surprising number of places in the house while replacing several of your store-bought cleaning products.

Furniture Polish

Nothing says clean like the shine & sparkle to your wooden furniture. Give them the polish they deserve by mixing up your own natural furniture polish. Combine 2 parts olive oil with 1 part lemon juice. Then apply with a microfiber cloth to wood tables, chairs, dressers and sideboards. You should always test in a hidden section to make sure no staining happens.

Plastic Food Containers

When it comes to plastic food containers a little lemon juice works double time. If your food containers smell, rub a lemon in them or rinse with lemon juice. Last week’s spaghetti left stains that regular washing can’t get out, add lemon juice and baking soda and let it sit overnight.


The simplest way to get your microwave spotless with little to no scrubbing, we turn to our trusty lemon. Remove that caked on grime by microwaving a bowl of water and fresh lemon juice for 3 to 5 minutes or until boiling. Wait another 5 minutes before opening the door so that the steam has time to penetrate the grime on the walls. Then, just wipe clean.

Garbage Disposal

Over time the food waste buildup in your garbage disposal can start to have a foul smell throughout your entire kitchen. The best way to get rid of that smell right away is to throw in some ice cubes, a handful of kosher salt, and a few lemon peels. Turn it on and grind it up.

Lemons can be a powerful tool in any cleaning arsenal from removing spots from faucets to cleaning cheese graters & cutting boards the possibilities are endless. Best of all it’s just as eco-friendly and inexpensive a cleaner as vinegar. That’s all for today’s Lemon Cleaning Edition: Minute Cleaning Hacks. If you are still unsure why not let us help. Maid in a Minute Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service has packages that work with your needs and budget. If you need a few more MINUTES in your day, let us take care of the cleaning for you! Visit our ONLINE BOOKING page to schedule your appointment now! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram & like us on Facebook!

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