Spring Cleaning Edition: Minute Cleaning Hacks

Spring is in the air in Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties! Here in ever sunny South Florida, even though we are not saying goodbye to the cold, we are looking ahead to longer days, blooming flowers and time at the beach. While we take this time to celebrate the arrival of spring, it’s also the perfect time to break out your cleaning supplies for your annual Spring Clean. Spring cleaning your house, apartment or office isn’t just one large task but instead several little tasks: clutter, windows, sinks, floors, grout, etc. Sound overwhelming? Maid in a Minute Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service has several packages available to take the stress out of your Spring Clean!


We sat down with our very own cleaning guru, our HMIC (Head Maid In Charge) to compile a list of her favorite spring cleaning tips.


Start With Your Cleaning Supplies

There’s never been a better time to Go Green! Look for products that don’t contain many fragrances, irritants, volatile organic compounds, or flammable ingredients. Stay tuned to Maid in a Minute Commercial and Residential Cleaning Service to see what we’ve been working on.

Get Rid of Clutter

Spring cleaning isn’t just about dusting, it’s about scaling back (so you can buy more stuff, we won’t tell). There is no point in moving the clutter just to put it back. Save yourself those precious Minutes by getting rid of the clutter before you clean. Here are a few ways to do this.

Go Slow & Take As Much Time As You Need

Decluttering your home may be the longest step on the list, but don’t give up. Give yourself as much time as you need to finish this part, you’ll thank us later.


Break up the workload into manageable tasks. Throw It Out items that are obviously trash. Donate anything you feel bad about throwing out. Re-gift/Hand Down items that are in good condition and might be useful to a friend or relative. Don’t forget that we live in a digital age! Back Things Up if possible. Things like photos don’t need to take up physical space, instead turn them into digital clutter so it no longer takes up space in your house.

The Dishwasher Isn’t Just For Dishes

Glass light pendants, décor and even some toys (ones without batteries, think action figures) can benefit from a whirl in the dishwasher. Once the cycle is complete, let the items air dry. Glass will be streak free and toys will be disinfected.

Clean The Microwave With Lemon

Squeeze 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, one cup of vinegar and one cup of water into a bowl. Put the microwave on for two minutes and leave it for an extra minute before opening. To finish, wipe down the insides with a damp cloth.

Clean the Return Vents/Ceiling Fans

Put in a new air filter before you clean. Clean dust off the ceiling fans and A/C return vents. Once cleaned you can turn them on while you clean the rest of your house. Dusting and vacuuming will throw the dust into the air, the return vents suck this dust out of the air and trap it in the air filter. For this reason, you also want to check the air filter after you clean it and consider replacing it.

Vacuum Before You Dust

We realize that this seems out of order. But it’s pointless to dust before you vacuum.

Vacuuming the floor spews tiny particles of dust in every direction. Slowly, these particles land on every surface, including those that were just cleaned.

Clean All The Bathrooms At Once

No one likes cleaning the bathroom, let’s face it. So, get them all done at once. Spray your cleaners on sinks, mirrors, toilets, tubs/showers & grout in all bathrooms. Then one by one clean all your items, ending with the toilets then mop your way out.

Sweep Floors

Finally, when nothing else is left, clean the floors. Avoid vacuuming since it would dirty up your freshly cleaned surfaces. Sweeping and mopping are ideal.

Pinterest Is Fantastic

But don’t pin yourself into paralysis. When it comes to organizing your home, it only works if it works with the way you actually live. Frequently used items should be in the front and at arm’s reach.

Get Professional Help

Speaking of avoiding trouble and making things easier, you can always reach out to Maid in a Minute Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service. We have packages that work with your needs and budget. Request a free estimate now to get started!

If you need a few more MINUTES in your day, let us take care of the cleaning for you! Visit our ONLINE BOOKING page to schedule your appointment now! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram & like us on Facebook!

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