The Best Cleaning Schedule: Minute Cleaning Hacks

Keeping your house spotless can seem overwhelming even to the most organized among us. Breaking the tasks into bite sized chunks makes the job so much more manageable and a lot less scary. In today’s The Best Cleaning Schedule: Minute Cleaning Hacks we will breakdown for you when to clean those sometime forgotten items.

Best Cleaning Schedule

Keeping the house sparkling clean doesn’t need to be a fulltime job. Below we break down the tasks into smaller bits: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly.


  • Vacuum/Sweep
  • Do Dishes
  • Make Bed
  • Wipe Down Counters & Tables
  • Wash Dishes
  • Sanitize Sinks
  • Put Things Back Where They Belong


  • Mop Floors
  • Change Bedding
  • Clean Microwave
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Dust
  • Clean Out Fridge
  • Empty Trash
  • Do Laundry
  • Wipe Down Inside Window


  • Dust Fans & Vents
  • Dust Blinds
  • Wipe Baseboards & Windowsills
  • Clean Light Fixtures
  • Wash Blankets & Comforters
  • Clean Trash & Recycling Cans
  • Degrease Stove & Hood
  • Deep Clean Coffee Maker
  • Wash Outside Windows & Doors
  • Replace air filters


  • Rotate/Flip mattresses
  • Wash the shower curtain liner
  • Deep clean the fridge and freezer
  • Vacuum the mattresses
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Sanitize the garbage disposal
  • Organize the garage and basement
  • Clean underneath and behind large appliances and furniture
  • Freshen Drains & Garbage Disposal


  • Steam clean or shampoo the carpet
  • Deep clean upholstery
  • Wipe down all cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Clean the chimney and fireplace
  • Clean drapes and curtains
  • Re-organize closets and drawers
  • Remove and donate unwanted clothing and other miscellaneous items
  • Clean Dryer & Dryer Vents
  • Go Through Bathroom Cupboards
  • Wipe Down Patio Furniture

That’s all for today’s The Best Cleaning Schedule: Minute Cleaning Hacks. If you are still unsure why not let us help. Maid in a Minute Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service has packages that work with your needs and budget. If you need a few more MINUTES in your day, let us take care of the cleaning for you! Visit our ONLINE BOOKING page to schedule your appointment now! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram & like us on Facebook!

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